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Sports Injury Clinic

Assessment/treatment for any sports injury; recovery, prevention and performance enhancement.

Jacqui Parfitt, Ruth Sunderland and Geoff Skrone are fully qualified to assess, treat and give advice for any type of sport injury. See About Us to read more about each practitioner.

Whether your problem is very recent, long term or comes and goes we will be able to diagnose the injured structure, identify possible pre-disposing factors, treat and advise on how to best to quickly recover and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Treatment methods may include massage and mobilisation, ultrasound, cold laser therapy and taping depending on the injury and the practitioner. Highly likely you will be given specific exercises to reduce any inflammation, reduce local tension, rebalance muscle tension, improve strength and improve local movement coordination. Massage techniques may include deep tissue work that helps not only to stimulate the healing process but also to break down the temporary, incorrect repair fibres that are often the cause of chronic pain and predisposition to re-injury.

Sports Injury Clinic £47.50 per session

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Reception open Monday to Friday
8:45am to 5:15pm.

Appointments are available outwith these hours.

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