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Herbal Medicine and Food Intolerance Testing

Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease

Medicinal plants have been used to treat illnesses for thousands of years. In fact, many modern medicines are based on plants originally. Today, medical herbalism combines the traditional uses of herbs with modern scientific knowledge and research. Medical herbalists are trained in current medical diagnostic skills, and use these skills with a holistic approach to treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Patients of all ages, from infants to the very elderly, can find benefit from herbal medicine. Those already receiving treatment from their doctor may also be helped, and are prescribed only herbs which do not adversely interact with other medication. If appropriate, and with the patient's consent, GPs or consultants are kept fully informed of the herbal regime.

Herbal medicine is appropriate for most of the conditions for which you would visit your GP. These include digestive and circulation problems, skin complaints, sleep, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal aches and pains, respiratory conditions, and many more.

Herbal Medicine provided by Clare Halohan £50 initial assessment/ £33 follow up. The prescribed herbal medicines are not included in this price.

Unsure whether it's the answer for you?

Clare comes into the clinic once a month and can offer a free 15 minute consultation to establish whether herbal medicine could help a complex complaint.

Please phone in advance to check the dates when Clare is next in and if she has a slot available.

*suitable for simple or acute conditions such as stress, coughs, colds, cystitis, aches and pains, upset stomach, minor infections, sprains and strains, bumps and bruises etc.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance Testing can find out what foods are contributing to your symptoms and making you feel ill.

Although reactions to foods may not be life threatening, they can make the sufferer feel extremely unwell and may have an impact on your work and social life. Intolerance to a particular food will not always cause symptoms immediately, often taking from a few hours to a few days to show up.

York Test

The Yorktest Food Intolerance Test analyses your blood sample for over 200 food specific IgG antibody reactions. You will discover the foods you are reacting to which should then be eliminated from your diet.

Food Intolerance appointment is £50 plus the cost of the Yorktest Food Intolerance kit is £199 – total of £249.
Please note this test has to be pre-ordered so we would need advance notice – plus we would need to take a deposit.

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences: Food Detective

Food Detective is a point of care, in-clinic test that measures IgG antibodies to 59 specific foods and provides results within 40 minutes. This can identify potential "problem foods" for the individual, as elevated IgG antibodies may be linked to inflammatory conditions within the body, manifesting in a range of health issues.

Food Intolerance appointment is £50 plus the cost of the Cambridge Food Intolerance kit is £60 – total of £110.

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